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Modern Beauty Academy Will Help You Become A Highly Skilled Professional

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Our programs equip you to shape the future of beauty. 


We are a wonder of modern beauty. Driven by a vision of equipping and empowering students to become the world's greatest beauty professionals, Modern Beauty Academy has become a guiding light into the world of beauty. The programs and curriculum we offer are world-class experiences designed to grow you into an expert. We pave the way for students to not only gain the technical skills to become great but the strategies to land a successful career in the industry.  Learn more here.



Build a Successful Beauty Career with Advanced Training on Cutting, Coloring, Texturing, Styling, Skin and Nails. 

Why do some beauty professionals succeed at levels beyond their dreams, while others struggle? It all comes down to theoretical knowledge, skill mastery, and career strategy. How they developed their skills, and the strategic preparation they had entering the industry. Think about it. If you master the skills of cosmetology, but not your ability to attract great employers and customers, then you’re stuck forever with skills you can't use. But master the right strategies, and you can own your career, and success is yours. This ultimate cosmetology program helps you do all this and more!


Master the skills you need for a successful career as a licensed skincare therapist. 

Have you ever wanted a career where you help people's skin look and feel more beautiful? How do the world’s foremost skincare experts build successful careers? In this ultimate skincare program we strategically train you to master the skills, techniques, and the latest skincare treatments to become a great and successful esthetician.


Advanced nail training for the world’s greatest manicurists

What are the secrets to creating the most beautiful nails in the most relaxing way possible? What separates the world's greatest manicurists from the mediocre? How do they make clients fall in love with them and keep them coming back forever? In this program you will develop the skills and strategies that will land you a successful career as one of the world's greatest manicurist.  


Get highly trained to become a Licensed Eyelash Extension Specialists. 

Eyelash Extension Training is the industry's most comprehensive program where students learn the most advanced skills and techniques to transform dull bleak eyes into beautiful works of art. Spots are limited.


Get rigorously trained to become a world leading teacher of modern beauty. 

This is your opportunity to receive one of the highest-level beauty instructor certifications in the world. Certified Modern Beauty Teachers gain the teaching and leadership skills to use their expertise to transform students into successful experts. Spots are limited.

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