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We believe building a career of true significance starts with Being A Student of Significance.

This desire shows up in rare Students. Those who think independently and creatively. Passionate learners who never compromise their pursuit of greatness, and never give up.

As students ourselves, we flourished professionally with this mindset.

Now as professional instructors, our approach is no different - our goal is to transform how beauty students grow into world-class professionals.

We do this by asking ourselves one question - ideally, how should the learning experience work for Students, both MBA and the entire industry? Our lens is always through the eyes of the Student. Our approach is to first build a great experience for all Students that is powered by a value-driven culture and working relationships. Second, to bring the Students we train exponential yet little-known strategies for building their career. Third, to make visible the typically unseen methods of the industry's most successful professionals.

Before building multiple salons across every sector of the beauty industry, we first had to train as students. Today we have walked a long road and have experienced what it takes to succeed.

From there, we’re determined to uplift the next generation of fearless students who are determined to become successful beauty professionals.


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