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MEET The Modern Beauty Academy

We are a leading beauty school in Dallas, TX that trains students to become world-class beauty professionals.


We equip students with the skills and strategies that will lead them to a rewarding career in the beauty industry. We take you from the very beginning of beauty concepts through to the most advanced techniques. All of our programs are designed to bring out your fullest potential and position you for success. With a passionate dream of creating beauty in the world, together with our students and Instructors, we shape the future of beauty.

Beauty School Student
Beauty School Student


Our mission is to equip and empower students to become the world's greatest beauty professionals.


To connect students to their infinite and unlimited potential while helping them grow into highly skillful experts. To deliver the most advanced programs and strategies that lead students to the career of their dreams.


The Vision we see everyday is our path for

developing our student's success.


We envision being a guiding light into the

beauty industry. To provide a world-class learning environment that develops world-class professionals. When we think about beauty and imagine the future of it, we see our students creating it.

Core Values

We are a school that's driven by value! We value what happens at our school, and together

as one, we're all moved by our vision, mission, and values.

Our Core Values make up the essence of who we are and how we operate. They are the fundamental principals that drive the way we interact with our students and each other.  ​All of these values currently exist in, sets our direction, and drives our school's unique culture. Our 12 core values are:



                     Develop & Deliver Beauty

                     Create a Family Team in Harmony with Love


                     Establish, Grow, & Extend Trust


                     Be Transparent & Honest


                     Be Completely Passionate and Dedicated


                     Be Humble with Honor


                     Embrace & Drive Positive Change


                     Create Energetic Fun & Freedom


                     Embrace Imaginations, Creativity, & Innovation


                    Build Great Relationships Through Good Communication


Beauty School Student

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