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"The heart of our school revolves around world-class training. Our heartbeat is in breathing life into your dreams while helping you develop the skills you need to achieve them. This is what we love and enjoy, and it's the reason why Modern Beauty Academy

exists as a school."


                     Jonathan Chambers,

Managing Partner

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  • Opportunity to join one of the best eyelash schools in Dallas. 

  • Chance to gain the skills you need to build the career you desire.

  • Spot to become one of the few students that are accepted during this new enrollment period. 

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There are three things you'll find at the center of your experience here: Beauty, Passion, and Significance.

*Classes are filling up fast, so reserve your spot today! View Course Info Below.

Modern Beauty Academy Presents

Jan-Feb Enrollment Period Now Open! Space is Limited!

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Express your interest and secure your place in the Eyelash Extension Training Program by registering your details below! Our admissions secretary will contact you to set up your admission appointment. Save your spot today, enter your info now!

What Students Are Saying

"The satisfaction I have with my training is amazing! I love how personable the instructors are and how they go the extra mile for their students. I love that they pushed me to learn more and prepared me for things past state board like my next steps after graduation. 


Working with the staff has inspired me to dream bigger and to follow those dreams. They have helped me to become very confident in the industry.

What I loved most about the school is that they care and treat you like family. We all have good and bad times in life which can make school really hard sometimes but because we are like family it helps us to reach our goals. They go above and beyond what they have to do as a beauty school!"


— Tempest Pierce 

*All spots are on a first come first served basis! 

Eyelash Course Informtion

  • How much does our cosmetology school cost?
    Most cosmetology schools can cost upwards of $17,000 for tuition costs, but we're not into laying the financial burden of student debt on the top of our students shoulders. Thats why we've opened the Modern Cosmetology Training Program at just $4,000. Total costs includes: Tuition: $4,000 Enrollment Fee (nonrefundable): $100 Student Kit (nonrefundable): $390 Textbook (nonrefundable): $285 *Note: We do not have finalcial aid, but we do offer a Payment Plan at $300/month with a $600 deposit.
  • What is the course curriculum?
    Sujects of Instruction Hair Care Cutting, styling, coloring, chemical textures, and related theory and application; business skills; professional development and salon management; health; safety; and laws 800 hrs. Nail Care Manicuring and related theory and applications, business skills; professional development and salon management; health; safety; and laws 100 hrs. Skin Care Facials, hair removal, and related theory and application; business skills; professional development and salon management; health; safety; and laws 100 hrs. TOTAL CLOCK HOURS 1000 hrs.
  • How long does cosmetology school take?
    TDLR Required Program Length: 1000 clock hours School Required Attendence Hours: Full-time: Students must complete a minimum of 30-40 hours per week to complete the program in 7-10 months. Part-time: Students must complete a minimum of 20 hours per week to complete the program in 12 months.
  • How soon can I get started?
    Our programs have a "rotational curriculum schedule" that is designed to give you flexibility of time. So every week we have new student orientation. Because of this, you can start school as soon as the next available Wednesday!
  • What is the process of enrollment?
    If you’ve made the choice to come here, it’s our goal to help make the process as quick and easy as pssible. Here’s what the process looks like, from the moment you connect with us to your first day at the school. 1. Express your interest to save your spot. ​2. Connect with our admissions secretarty. 3. Apply in person at the school. 4. Recieve conditional acceptance. 5. Provide required documentation. ​ - Social Security Card - State ID - High School Diploma or GED 6. Pay initial costs and start school.

HURRY, because this opportunity will expire 

when all spots are filled...

​As much as we’d like to accept “everyone”, we can only work with a select few students every enrollment period to maintain the high level of excellence you NEED in order to get the education you want.


So with that said, know that this window of opportunity won’t be open very long. Save your spot now!

*Space is Limited!

Eyelash School of Dallas

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* Mon-Thurs, 10am-5pm

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