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When accepted into Modern Cosmetology Training you get:

Modern Cosmetology Training 1500 HOUR COURSE 

Brand new 1500 hour cosmetology training course for cosmetologists, estheticians, manicurists, and salon experts.

  • Introduction Week: the beginning of the Modern Cosmetology Training program where you receive a full introduction, great overview of the entire course, and an exciting welcome into life at Modern Beauty Academy. 

  • Science Module: how cells, tissues, the body’s systems, chemistry, bacteriology, and other scientific elements are important to cosmetology!

  • Hair Care & Client Preparation Module: the basics about hair, shampoo and hair care techniques, and how to prepare for hair services!

  • Hair Cutting Module: how to properly use tools, section hair, and advanced hair cutting techniques!

  • Hair Styling Module: advanced techniques on combing and brushing, curling hair, styling, braiding, and hair addition!

  • Hair Coloring Module: the fundamentals on how to use hair color theory, application procedures, variations, and corrective measures to color hair!

  • Restructuring Hair Module: how to use the tools for permanent waving, hair relaxing, and restructuring!

  • Skin Care Module: the basics of skin structure and conditions, hair removal, color theory, and eyebrow and lash tinting!

  • Nail Care Module: understanding arm and hand physiology, using tools, arm and foot massage, manicures, pedicures, and reflexology!

  • Career Strategy Module: how to strategies for interviewing, getting the best job, being a world-class employee, rightly getting started at work, and effectively opening and running a salon!

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When accepted into Modern Cosmetology Training you get: