How do you leverage your love for beauty to become a highly skilled professional?

How are cosmetologists, estheticians, manicurists, and beauty experts using their skills to build such successful careers?

How do you develop advanced beauty skills and turn your passion into world-class services that people will love and appreciate you for?

How do you attract the greatest opportunities and find your unique place in the beauty industry?
What tools and advanced strategies should you consistently be using to propel you into the career of your dreams?

How do you build a legacy that endures, makes a difference, and creates beauty in the world?

What's the fastest path to building a great and highly successful beauty career?

Learn how "Modern Cosmetology Training" will teach you the answers to these questions and the 3 critical concepts to build your career:

1. LEARNING the theories, concepts, and practices that involve modern cosmetology.

2. DEVELOPING your cosmetology skills in cutting, coloring, texturing, styling, skin and nails. 

3. POSITIONING yourself as an highly-skilled and highly valuable expert in the beauty industry.


Join Modern Beauty Academy's step-by-step program for learning cosmetology, developing your skills, understanding the right strategies, and becoming a highly-respected, sought after beauty professional starting now!


Dear friend,

It's time to develop the skills that will build your beauty career.

Modern Beauty Academy's NEW training program will teach you how to START, choose your career path, develop your skills, understand the right strategies, and finally build the career you've always wanted.

You don't need any previous knowledge, skills, or experience. Our job is to help you develop those things and build a well-respected career with them.

We'll teach you -- just like we have for tens of thousands of students -- how to become a world-class cosmetologists.

You'll learn how people have started from scratch and gone on to build highly successful careers.

How do you develop the skills to provide world-class services that create raging fans and life-long clients? We explain it all in the Modern Cosmetology Training program.


You can become a world-class beauty professional. It's time to turn your passion into knowledge, skills, and strategies. It's time to become a cosmetologist. Modern Cosmetology Training teaches you how...

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Modern Cosmetology Training 1500 HOUR COURSE (Value $3,500) Brand new 1500 hour cosmetology training course for cosmetologists and salon experts.

The course has a "rotational curriculum schedule" that is designed to give you flexibility of time. The curriculum includes theoretical and practical training required by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR). Different Modules are taught each week throughout the life of the course until every module is learned and clock hours are completed. The course takes you on a deep-dive into:

  • Introduction Week: the beginning of the Modern Cosmetology Training program where you receive a full introduction, great overview of the entire course, and an exciting welcome into life at Modern Beauty Academy. 

  • Science Module: how cells, tissues, the body’s systems, chemistry, bacteriology, and other scientific elements are important to cosmetology!

  • Hair Care & Client Preparation Module: the basics about hair, shampoo and hair care techniques, and how to prepare for hair services!

  • Hair Cutting Module: how to properly use tools, section hair, and advanced hair cutting techniques!

  • Hair Styling Module: advanced techniques on combing and brushing, curling hair, styling, braiding, and hair addition!

  • Hair Coloring Module: the fundamentals on how to use hair color theory, application procedures, variations, and corrective measures to color hair!

  • Restructuring Hair Module: how to use the tools for permanent waving, hair relaxing, and restructuring!

  • Skin Care Module: the basics of skin structure and conditions, hair removal, color theory, and eyebrow and lash tinting!

  • Nail Care Module: understanding arm and hand physiology, using tools, arm and foot massage, manicures, pedicures, and reflexology!

  • Career Strategy Module: how to strategies for interviewing, getting the best job, being a world-class employee, rightly getting started at work, and effectively opening and running a salon!

This is everything you'll learn in the MODERN COSMETOLOGY TRAINING program!

What's it worth to have successful Beauty professionals give you their most effective strategies?

For 20 years, We have been innovating beauty education and leading beauty professionals to become their greatest.

How do we do it all?

How have our students gained such successful careers?


That's what Modern Cosmetology Training teaches you.


Let's get you developing your career with more strategy, more focus, more impact.


We can't do it all for you though, and we cannot guarantee your specific results by law and common sense, since we don't know you or the effort you will put into your career. (As always, read the disclaimers at the bottom of this page, and know that any career endeavor is not guaranteed to succeed).


What we can guarantee you is that this is the best program in the world for up-and-coming beauty professionals. If you don't agree, or if you don't LOVE the program for any reason, just tell us during your "Introduction Week" and we'll give you a full 100% refund. If you cancel anytime after the "Introduction Week", the following schedule of tuition refunds shall apply:


Percentage of course time          Refund of total tuition due student

       0.01 - 10%                                                     90% refund

       10.1 - 20%                                                     80% refund

       20.1 - 25%                                                     75% refund

       25.1 - 50%                                                     50% refund

       50.1 - 60%                                                    40% refund

       Over 60%                                                     No Refund

If it's not the best training you've ever seen or heard of, or if you don't feel you can do it, then just ask for your speedy refund.

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Apply for enrollment today by clicking below. When you're accepted you'll get an email confirmation with detailed instructions on how to begin the admissions process into the program. Following the email will be a phone call from an admissions team member.


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If for ANY reason within your "Introduction Period" you lose faith in our program or you're not satisfied with what you experience just tell us and you'll receive a full refund - no problem, no hassles, no risk, no worries.

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